Starter Pack from Hitfilm 4 Express Hasn't Carried Over to latest Hitfilm Express

Just installed the latest version of Hitfilm Express, upgrading from Hitfilm 4 Express. I bought the Starter Pack a while back (I've been using it since Hitfilm 3 Express), and when I upgraded from 3 to 4, it carried over straight away once I logged in on the new program. This time that hasn't happened, and there doesn't seem to even be a single Starter Pack option. When I first downlaoded the installer for this new version, it even flagged up the fact that I had the starter pack and said that I'd be upgraded to the latest version. Anyone got any ideas how to actually make it work?


  • It sounds like you have done this but, did you use the same account to activate the new version. Your account page should show what you have. For example...

    Go to your options dialog and check to see if the starter pack is listed there. For example.

    The old starter pack does not exist as is, in the current expansion offerings but the effects it contained should carry forward. Since it does not exist in the current offerings it does not show up in the list of packs offered with a buy or purchased/installed buttons. It should show in the web account and in the activations in the options dialog.

    If not, then contact customer service/support. They be able to correct the situation.

  • @NormanPCN

    I doff my cap to you sir, that's a perfect answer.

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