Mocha Pro Plugin Updates?

Just curious if anyone out there knows if there are routine updates to the mocha pro plugin for HitFilm Pro, and if so, how to go about getting them?  Thanks in advance.


  • Any updates to mocha would come via the normal Hitfilm updates.

  • Ok! Thanks for your response!

    ...but since there are a couple of version of mocha, I want to make sure you caught what I was asking so as to clarify your answer (which is the answer I was hoping for). I am not referring to Mocha HitFilm that comes with HitFilm Pro; I am referring to the Mocha PRO plugin that must be purchased separately for HitFilm Pro. Is the mocha Pro plugin updated along with routine HitFilm Pro updates?

  • No, that one isn't. I think that it will alert you if it detects that an update is available, but I'm not sure now. It's been a while.

  • I found out that you do have to update mocha pro separately from the HitFilm Pro updates. This is easy enough to do inside of mocha pro.

    To determine which version of mocha pro you have, click on "help" then click on "about."

    To check for updates, click on "File," then "Preferences," then on the "Software Update" tab. You can check the box to be notified of updates, and manually check by clicking "check now."

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