Which is the best pc component I can upgrade for better performance in hitfilm pro?

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I have got a pc and have 500$ to upgrade a component. Can you recommend me one for improving my hitfilm performance? 

I would like to do mostly special effects, 3D compositing, some high-quality motion graphics and 1080p video editing.

My current system specifications:

-Intel Xeon 2.9Ghz, 12 cores, turbo 3,3Ghz

-Nvidia GeForce 1050ti

-250gb SSD

-24gb ram




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    If your Xeon is the X5670 (2.93ghz) you could upgrade to the X5690 (3.46Ghz), which would give you an 18% speed increase, plus overclocking headroom to well over 4Ghz.  Look on ebay for people breaking down old servers with these in. You'd need improved cooling and need to check if your motherboard can supply the power(95w > 130w) ; but bang for buck, I found that change gave the largest improvement on my system for the least cost. Then start looking at other things.

    After that it's probably a GPU upgrade, or a whole new motherboard and CPU combo, possibly a Ryzen of some sort.

    If you only have a single drive, then a second SSD might improve things so you can be reading files from one drive and writing to another during rendering, or splitting up project files across the two drives for faster editing. I didn't spot any speed improvement with this, including writing to a RAM drive, but I wasn't using multiple layers and files; but in theory it should be more helpful on more complicated projects with multiple file streams open.

  • Upgrade the GPU. The GeForce 1050ti is considered entry level but it might not be the best time to purchase a GPU as a result of the miners.

    More RAM never hurts. 24GB is a bit stingy by today's standards.

  • @DannyDev 24GB is stingy?  In what context?  On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being your average user and 10 being someone who's looking to build a beefy editing/VFX workstation, at what point does 24GB of RAM become stingy?

    (asks the guy who's limping along with only 8GB)

  • @Palacono; @DannyDev: Thanks! But, what would you upgrade? The gpu or the processor?

    @jsbarret: Yes, I think you are right. In my opinion, 24gb of ddr4 ram is not stingy...

  • @4KMAX Danny said it pretty clearly at the very beginning of his post.

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    @4KMAX ; In my own experience, I have to agree with DannyDev.  I had 32 GB RAM and 8 core 4 ghz CPU but only 2 GB low grade GPU and it would bog down using certain effects.  Went to a Geforce 1060 6 GB and am very happy, but you always want more... :)

  • @4KMAX what's wrong with all three? You can probably afford all of them within your budget if you sell on your existing gear. CPU and a cooler is not that expensive and you can sell on your CPU for 80% of the cost of upgrading that, plus your GPU after upgrading that to a 1070/1080?

    Any money left over after that? More RAM...

  • @jsbarrett

    "24GB is stingy?  In what context? "

    In the context of video editing.


  • Ok, I think I am going to upgrade my 24gb ram to 48gb ddr4. But what should I upgrade first: The CPU, the GPU or the ram? 

  • The RAM will not increase the general performance unless you're running fairly complicated scenarios. You can check in Task Manager how much is being used and how much is free. It would have been last on my list TBH.

    It depends on what you're doing with Hitfilm and where you are currently finding bottlenecks. GPU will improve performance when you are doing GPU intensive tasks, CPU will improve general overall performance, because the CPU gets used for everything, but the increase is fairly small. A second SSD should improve file throughput as you'll have multiple simultaneous in/out streams.

    Going from a 1050ti to a 1080 gives a PassMark increase of 5916 to 12276 but pretty much blows most of your budget and will only come into play when the GPU is being used a lot. The 1070 benchmark is 11156 and is quite a bit cheaper for not much less performance, so would allow you to look at other upgrade areas as well.

    Do some calculations and some online shopping and see what bargains you can find.

  • I'm with Palacono. RAM is last, unless your current projects are going virtual with your current RAM amount. Hitfilm is quite efficient/stingy with RAM consumption. Using big BadA 3D models can really jack up ram consumption. Your ram preview buffer size is a predictable memory requirement amount.

    As stated the system task manager can give you clues about Hitfilm ram consumption with a given project. I will add that you should to also add in the Hitfilm Helper processes. The Window 10 task manager already lumps these together. Some others might not.

    If Hitfilm is only using 1-2GB than adding more RAM is not going to do anything for an 8GB machine. Open a typical project, do a typical ram preview and check the consumption.


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    @Palacono @NormanPCN

    Do remember that the GPU may page it's memory contents (shaders and textures) to system RAM on a context switch.

    The 1050ti has 4GB on board which it may copy out to RAM when switching programs, for example between HF and Google Chrome (which gobbles up resources like candy).

    So at any one time, 4GB of system RAM may be used to cache GPU memory. It's a good idea to ensure that you have a least that much free.


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