Looking for a great camera for filmmaking

Hi, i have been searching for a new camera for making filmmaking, and i have found a few, tho i would like to hear what someone else, that maybe know a little more about camera´s than me, think i should buy or consider buying

The ones i have been looking a little at is the Canon EOS 80D and the Panasonic lumix GH5 camera, tho i think the GH5 is a little too expensive for my budget which is around 1000-1200€ 

So if anyone have any suggestions to what camera to buy (it doesn´t have to be one of the ones above) i would really appreciate it :D


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    The Canon EOS 80D is a very nice camera.  In the past, I have debated whether or not to purchase it.  However, at this time, I will probably wait until Canon releases a new version before I make a final decision.

    For what its worth, I presently use a  Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500 (with V-Log firmware upgrade) as my primary camera.  For my hobbyist photographer and short filmmaker requirements, the said camera has served me well.   I am a big fan of bridge cameras, but they might not be suitable for everyone's needs.

    I also own a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300, but it does not see much use these days.

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    The GH5 is a great camera but if it’s a little expensive for your budget I’d get something g cheaper and put the extra u save towards a good lens or 2. I’ve not used the 80D but hear ld iot’s great. I don’t think the 90D is far off but isn’t the 80D about 1K aswell? You may wanna look at the 800D, it looks pretty good. Just search for a 800D vs 80D video on YouTube to see what the differences are.

  • Thank you very much, both of you :)

  • No worries, your welcome. When you’ve decided let us know. Be interested to hear what you’ve picked and why

  • Look for a used Pocket Cinema Camera, spring for some lenses, and start shooting. As you improve, upgrade to a BMPCC 4K. Then make your dSLR totin' friends jealous with your beautiful color, and ignore the jealous boneheads on the BMD forums who complain about BMD not offering 8K yet.

  • 8K - facepalm. I'm still shooting 1080p and it looks great. People get carried away with the latest and greatest.

  • I agree. IMO color and dynamic range are more important in the camera, and lighting is in the end what determines how good your images will end up.


  • Hi, I owned the Canon 80d and it's an awesome camera! But I will say I just replaced it with the new Sony a7iii, and that camera runs around $2000 but it is far worth the money, and the low light beats out the gh5 by miles 

  • Yeah low light is one thing that bugs me about the GH5, it’s not awful, I’ve used it in low light with metabones Speedbooster & Sigma 18-35 and it’s much better with that combo but I still wish it was a little better. Would love to try the GH5s out... dream camera however is the A7S iii, yeah I know it’s not out but it’s gonna be awesome

  • Well, my dream camera is a Monstro, but that's a wee bit out of both of our price ranges. :)


  • I also have an 80d for sale with a 18-135 is usm lens and a tokina 11-20 f2.8

  • If you like the GH5 but is not within your budget,  you can try the Panasonic G85 .  Its around $900- $1000 and its has some of same features of the GH5.  

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