Would this tool be good for airsoft videos and or skits? 


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    edited June 2018

    As an Editor, Hitfilm is fully capable of cutting together your footage into a skit. 

    As a compositor Hitfilm is more than capable of compositing stock footage muzzle flashes or creating custom muzzle flashes using Fractal Noise and some color effects. Hitfilm has a 3D particle based muzzle flash generator (included in Hitfilm Pro or an optional add-on for Express) that makes gunfire effects a snap.

    So, yes.

    Hope this helps! 

  • Thank you!

  • I second what is above ^^^ you can probably use it to have "hit markers" like in video games so viewers know when a player is out too. 

  • ^^^

    That's true! Or maybe radio chatter and stuff like that. I actually used to make stop motions with figures and stuff and would put in gun effects and blood. Maybe I could make an airsoft movie with the massive arsenal I have.

  • Maybe!  What stuff do you have for airsoft out of curiosity?

  • I keep checking this site because I know I'll def be buying soon. But if you are wondering I just bought an ASG Scorpion 3A1! That thing is amazing and I also bought a JAG arms Serbu Shorty Shotgun!

  • Maybe you can attach a camera to the front of those!

  • Took your advice and went to my shop and picked up one of those JAG Shortys and a VFC Avalon, gonna put my gopro to use and get some footage.  Can't wait for some first person gameplay with one of these beauties.


  • wow! $339.00 !


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