[Resolved] Couldn't activate latest version (8.0) after uninstalling older one (v5.0)

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Hi there, I want to update my Hitfilm Express to the latest v8, but am unable to activate it as it seems that the activation process is tied specifically to the older version registered to my account. Do I have to create a whole new Hitfilm account using a seperate email just to use version 8? Thanks.


  • More info: I tried reinstalling the older v5.0 and was able to activate it. But I really want to use the latest one, so any advice would be appreciated.

  • You have to do the full download process to have the current version of Express activated in your account. You can check your account right now to see if Express 8 is in there. By full DL process I mean; click the download link, click the social media share link, the log-in to your account since you already have one. Then the new Express will be active in your account. You can verify this in your account on this website.

    Then after you have downloaded and installed, just log-in to your account on the Express activate dialog and then close Express and then re-open Express and you should be good to go. You apparently have already downloaded and installed so you probably just need to get the new express active in your account.

    I have many versions of Express active in my one account. So can you.

    The process is shown in video here.


  • Oh my god dude you're a lifesaver!  I wish this process was made clearer though, perhaps in the form of a pop-up with the specific instructions when Hitfilm gets newer versions. Either way, case resolved!

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