A plea for the new users taking advantage of the FREE EXPRESS offer.

Hello, new Hitfilm user! Congratulations! You've taken advantage of a fine offer from the good folks at FX home!
Before you start asking questions in the forum, may I suggest you try clicking the "HELP" Button on the upper right of the screen that appears when you first load Hitfilm?
The forum always has questions from new users, but, to be blunt, about half the time the answer to the user question is to paste a link to one of the video tutorials that FXHome and Hitfilm users have created.
The "HELP" button on the Hitfilm home screen links directly to the online User's Manual and to the video tutorials. Hitfilm is a complicated and powerful program, but there is a wealth of documentation available.
Additionally, there's the "SUPPORT" section of this website--the button is at the top right of your window right now, in between the "COMMUNITY" tab and your own username. The support section takes you to both the online tutorials and the online manual.
There are many users, including myself on this site who are glad to answer user questions and discuss techniques and workflow, but PLEASE look at the manual and some tutorials first.
There's a link to the manual.
There's a link to the tutorials.
Hope this doesn't come off too grumpy, but I shall confess--in the last 48 hours there have been at least six forum threads started by new users who's questions could have been answered if these users did five minutes of self research before asking questions, and it does get old answering the same question over and over and over.
Thanks and enjoy your software.


  • Very good advice.  I try to do as much research myself before asking for help.  I took advantage of the free offer and i'm having a good time browsing the forums and watching tutorials.
    One more bit of information for new users.  My Wacom Intuos 4 graphics tablet and its supplied wireless mouse will not work properly with Hitfilm.  I nearly gave up after several reboots until I found this out by accident.
    I am running a Win7 machine with ASUS P6T-SE motherboard, 24 GB of RAM, i7 quad core CPU and GTX570 graphics card.  I don't know if this will plague Mac users or other Windows users.
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    I also took advantage of the offer but before I install it, how easy is it to uninstall on a Mac? If there a button or do I have to awkwardly go through loads of folders and delete stuff? I can't seem to find it anywhere...so either nobody wants to uninstall it or it's super easy.
    Just in case I don't like it or if I decide I want to buy the Ultimate version.
  • Good point, but I need some of the project files to open up and play around with, especially ones with media. They all seem to be for the Ultimate version and won't open in Express so it is actually rather hard to grasp the concepts quickly from the tutorial videos alone.
    Cheers :)
  • OK, so I found the Express files - in the Blog section. Would have been more helpful if they'd have been a link to them in the video tutorial modal window itself, but I have them now, thanks.
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    Hats off to you guys for releasing the Express version for free, i was using the demo but could not afford it for what i was using it for (basic titling for my Youtube vids), i was hoping you would release a "standard licence version" or something for basic use so yeh - nice one :)
    I tried loading some presets from the demo version but i used things not in express it seems, hopefully a public library will quickly grow somewhere for Express users.
  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    To clarify--I don't work for FXhome. ;-)
    For those looking for Tutorials, Simon Jones of FX Home is attempting to re-organize the tutorials to make them easier for newer users to browse. His efforts can be found here.
    I'm not certain yet if Express and Ultimate have been seperated.
  • HitFilm 2 Express for Free is better than a demo right? I mean this is the full version of Express?
  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    The free Express is a 99.5% percent complete version of Express, with only these limitations.
    One--as a free product there is no discounted upgrade path for Ultimate.
    Two--there is no AVCHD import. AVCHD requires license fees, thus, cannot be in a given away version. However, there are free utilities to convert AVCHD into a format the free Express can take, such as Handbrake.
    Three--There is no AC3 audio import. Again, this is because of license fees. the AC3 import can't be given away. Again, there are free utilities online to convert AC3 to wav, aiff or mp3.
    Otherwise, this is the full version of the software with all effects and export options enabled and no limitation on other functions, or time of use.
  • I could use some help locating a free AC3 audio converter. Any that you can recommend? I can find some vs a Google search, but I want a trusted application that I can trust does not have malware.
  • Triem23 - to clarify, the AVCHD and AC3 issues are actually the same.  Many AVCHD cameras use AC3 audio, which is where the issue with AVCHD arises.  If you have an AVCHD camera that doesn't use Dolby audio your footage might import without problem.  Of course, it will still be AVCHD, so performance will be far from ideal, but that's a different thing.
  • Ah, thank you for clarifying: I'd not want to give your users incorrect technical information. :-)
  • So can someone explain how to fully uninstall it?
  • Is there any chance of Hitfilm letting us free users upgrade to Ultimate? A hundred and sixty-nine bucks is still a lot of money. To pay the full price for Ultimate seems a little extreme when we have the Express, even if it is free.
  • Is there any chance of Hitfilm letting us free users upgrade to Ultimate? A hundred and sixty-nine bucks is still a lot of money. To pay the full price for Ultimate seems a little extreme when we have the Express, even if it is free.

    I think the idea was that Ultimate was on sale while Express was completely free.

  • How about trying for the upgrade on just one computer instead of the three for the $169.00?  The three computer thing is just a waste for me since I only want it on one computer. The main thing I want is mocha.

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