Can you add a background or reference image to record on top of?

I have a scene established in hitfilm and am trying to add an animated flying object.

I know where I want it to start and travel in my scene but am having a difficult time getting an ActionPro path to fit correctly.

If I could add a background image to ActionPro then I would know where to start and draw the path.

Any tips on how I might do that?

I also find it very challenging getting a path to be at the right scale.  I have to use trial and error in both the size of path I draw and the export scale.

Can the path be scaled inside Hitfilm?


  • Agree with you, I downloaded the demo version of action pro and unfortunately I found this useless because of no image or video can be used as a reference background in the viewer. Moving objects with the mouse or other physical controllers could be great, but if you have to follow a scene's action you have to view your moves on a reference image...

    I had another issue with the mouse detection zone during recording. You should be able to record with a hotkey instead of a mouse click, and to have the mouse moves restricted to the simulation's viewport during recording, instead of having the mouse pointer going in the options menus or in Window's taskbar in case of large moves. Some softwares like Blender use an "infinite move" in current viewport to avoid this (when the cursor reaches the right edge of active viewport, it appears at the extreme left, and so on, so you can keep moving your mouse without losing the cursor outside of the active view...)

  • @Deweak

    "...You should be able to record with a hotkey..."

    press r to record

  • Press r to record is not enough - you should be able to place the cursor, register the position, go to the next position, record that and so on, without the time ticking by. The duration should then be entered afterwards. This would be a great alternative to trying to use a wobbly mouse against the recording time. Until this sort of thing is provided (and the ability to insert temporary backgrounds, editing features and so on), I don't see a great deal of use for Action Pro, or to put it another way, its current usefulness is a bit limited. No doubt, there are great things for planned for what should be an excellent program.

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