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Hi all

I'm loading a model file (.obj) into hitfilm. The model comes in 2 versions when where the object is in flight mode (with wings down) and the other which is in parked mode. I only want the parked version. Through the object properties window I deselect all parts of the model i do not want but when i hit the ok to load model it still loads onto the screen two version of the model. So my question is how do i only load the version I want.


  • The checklist when you load the model doesn't determine what shows and what doesn't, it determines what parts of the model get their own Transform properties so that they can be animated individually.

    I don't know how to split up the model you're using, I'm guessing it would have to be done in another program.

  • Thank you. I'll see if i can do that using Blender perhaps.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @inScapeDigital actually.... 

    @maneo11 Javert is right, selecting objects in the import panel designates them as animation groups, not inactive geometry. However.... By right-clicking on a geometry group in the import panel you can rename that group. Reimport this model and select the groups you don't want. Rename these to "garbage" or some other easy to identify name. (Also select any groups you want to have separate animation, but don't give them the garbage name). 

    In a Composite Shot drop the model on a layer, move to the Controls Panel and twirl the "Models" tab--you'll see a separate listing for each geometry group. Now... Each group can be twirled open and each group will have its own Transform controls.... If you go to the individual scale parameter of each "garbage" group and set Scale to 0 then you won't see those groups at all. They'll exist, but at 0% scale you can't see them.

    You can do this more quickly by just typing "Scale" into the search bar. 

    If you have the skills to remove the geometry in Blender, that's a better option, but this is a workaround you can do directly in Hitfilm. 

  • Thanks Triem.  Scaling it down makes sense. I’ll give both methods a go. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    If you have the skills separating the geometry in Blender will be the better option. 

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