Animated/Live Action Music Video - Easy Like Sunday Morning

We had a music video competition on our school and made this for within a week. We've used a makeshift green screen, using a bunch of green paper taped together in a wall, it's not perfect, but we got the job done. Few of my friends drew the backgrounds and objects/characters, then I scanned them in and animated each object, aside from the clouds and stars, which are simulated through particles, I'm pretty happy with the results. So hopefully you guys enjoy it!


  • @DannyGrey ; Really nice!  I enjoyed it a lot.  Loved the transition to color/real life, but the animation worked perfectly too.

  • @DannyGrey Nice work on the subtle the reflection on the water!  GOOD JOB!!!

  • Absolutely a great job!        I truly enjoyed it!      


  • Thanks guys!
    And by the way, we won the competition :)

  • Congrats! you deserved it!

  • @DannyGrey Awesome job and congrats on winning the competition!


    On a side note maybe some masking for when in the canoe, the oar is hidden behind the canoe when paddled on the left side. But honestly it didnt take away from the great work on the video.

  • That.  Was.  AWESOME!

    Really fun concept and style, and very well produced.  I love the different settings you created for the characters, and how it all came together at the end.  Congrats on the win as well!  Very well deserved!


  • Congrats. If you hadn't won then there would have been some astonishing other entrants .

    The settings, characters and the way it moves along at the same easy pace as the music made it really charming.

  • Really great, had be watching to the end, loved the nice touches like the water reflection, the car speeding along and the space ship ride. Felt really nicely paced and fitted well with the song. The editing was solid and the story was well told. Thanks for sharing and well done.

  • @DannyGrey You've done such an amazing job here! I'm really impressed with all the effect you used and I can definitely see why you won the competition :) Amazing work

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