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For some reason, the line spacing in some text that I have keeps getting messed up. Recent text I add is fine, but looking back at text I added previous while working on the project, the line spacing is way off. For example, text at the start of the video has line spacing set to 100% (default) but the lines are way far apart. Scroll through the timeline, the text spacing is still set to default but the lines are closer. Go to the end to the most recent text and the lines are where they should be. The only thing I can think is that it gets messed up whenever I restart the app, but I don't know why that would be. Making the line spacing smaller affects all the text so the text that is fine gets too small, etc.


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    Assuming you are using Hitfilm Pro, and it is Hitfilm Pro version 6 and you are using the text effect in Hitfilm Pro 6 and not a text layer then...

    This is a known bug in 6, 6.1 and 6.2. Where extra line carriage returns (line feed) (CR, LF, CRLF) are added on file saves. If you edit the text you will see that extra line feeds. You can delete them to get back to good. However on a save of the project, extra lines may get added. The bug is intermittent but frequent. I have only seen this happen on text with multiple lines. Single line text does not get the line repeat bug.

    This is kinda a showstopper if using multi-line text in the text effect. Constantly re-editing the multi-line text is not pretty. You could use a text layer but that can be very inconvenient.

    There are other issues with the text effect. Font support is bad and font use (bold, italic, etc) is bad. Same for credit roll as I think they use the same text engine. The opposite is a text layer with better supports fonts and does font type utilization properly.

    If my assumptions are incorrect then you need to be specific as to exactly what you are doing.


  • The project file saves the text effect as text with a carriage return and line feed. With a save and load new carriage returns show up for each line. At least on windows.

    It appears the CR is being loaded and saved as a character of text. Qt has a file opening mode that has extra handling for new lines. https://github.com/qt/qtbase/blob/v5.6.3/src/corelib/io/qiodevice.cpp#L285

  • I don't see a fix listed in the "update history", so is this bug still present in HitFilm 7&7.1?

  • Sadly still there. It's a show stopper.

  • Bloody Hell.

    down arrow, backspace, down arrow, repeat...

  • I used the 360 title effect to create a title and end credit for the first time. There seems to be a really annoying bug.   The space between the lines become larger when I close the session and load it again.  This means that everytime I render a movie with my new changes, I have to reformat my title and credit back to its original position before exporting.  Of course when I forget, I lose an hour and a half or rendering time because I have to render it again.

    Is there something I am missing or is this a known bug?   Thank you for your help!

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    @Jfrog merged your thread with this one. Known bug. 

  • @Triem23 Thank you

  • @NormanPCN

    This is a known bug since v6?  Maybe  it is just me but this should be a priority. I notice the text overall quality wasn't great and it's even worst when wearing the oculus rift with 360 videos.  

    Any alternate solution /software to write a title and credit without this problem?  360 text of course...        ;)

    Any input would be appreciated! 

  • The text effect is new since V6 (Nov '17). It has always had this issue. The same issue shows in the credit roll effect which has existed for many versions. I believe the two effects are using the same underlying engine. Did the bug exist before V6 in the credit roll or did it all show up in V6 in both? I only care about now.

    The text layer does not seem to have this problem of extra line feeds being added to the text entry on a Hitfilm project file save.

    I also really don't like that the text effect does not have the same font support as the text layer. I've spent money on fonts and this kinda duality ticks me off. Even the text layer has issues with not properly recognizing installed fonts not also copied to the Windows fonts folder.

  • Both End Credits and Text store text as text characters in the project file. The text layer encodes text each character into its own XML tag, so it has no newlines in the file.

    I tried using find and replace in Notepad++ to remove the additional CRs. With just the LF, it loads and looks fine, but when saved it adds the CR back in and continues to add them with each save and load.

  • @NormanPCN  Thanks for the  text layer tip. It's unfortunate that it can be use as a 360 text.  I might have  to subscribe to adobe premiere, I really need this to work.  

    @PixlPants  Thanks for input too.



  • "Both End Credits and Text store text as text characters in the project file. "

    You mentioned that before. I looked at the XML out of curiosity. I see what you are talking about. I have notepad++ as well with XML tools formatter plugin.

    Given that this is a show stopper, is super easy to reproduce, and has not been addressed, my bet is that FxHome are using some library for XML I/O and the bug lies apparently in that code. If that is the case, it would seem easy enough to convert to/from some escape code mechanism. Been there. Done that. Hell, even text in byte hex code format. Either way, no litteral CR and/or LF in the text stream.

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    So is this being addressed by FxHome? Does anyone have a support ticket open on this? So far all  I see is people talking about the issue. Would be nice to see this fixed...

    Also, seems odd that this would have been included in the first place, when it includes a known (and fateful) bug. Makes the End Credits Crawl pretty much useless for most applicationes, imho...

  • "Does anyone have a support ticket open on this?"

    I reported to support on Nov 28. KID-354099.

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