Hitfilm Express 2017 Crashes My Laptop

*my laptop specs are fine I know my laptop specs are not causing this 

Since 3 weeks ago hitfilm had started to act strange after I tried to export a video that took 20 hours estimated time to complete even though all my other videos export in around an hour. I also should mention that this is the first time I used footage from a Nikon digital camera I even tried to convert it to a video editor friendly format but that did not help.

The first thing hitfilm did was crash when I opened projects sometimes it opened normally but then it would crash when I tried to export the video I'm currently working on. Then hitfilm would start getting graphical bugs when I opened it. 

After awhile it would start crashing without even opening, sometimes hitfilm will open after I turn on my laptop from hibernation but it will then crash and occasionally it will crash my laptop altogether with this BSOD: video tdr failure

I have tried overclocking but I put the settings back into the system default and I have recently updated my AMD drivers to the latest version 


Windows 10 64 bit

CPU: amd a6-7310 apu with radon r4 graphics 

Gpu: amd radon r5 m330



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