Hitfilm Express 2017 custum install, not doing what I expected it to do!

Hi I have a small but fast SSD that I use for my system, 110 GBs. Your program is the first real video editor I have installed. But I have read that when processing files they can use a lot of space on your disk drive. As my small system drive C was already about a third used up what with windows 10 and all it's updates, I decided to install with the custom settings to my big but slower D drive which has 4 TBs  of space on it I thought it was setup right with lots of room for any thing it would need but it turned out I was wrong as I found out on my first simple project. Being that I had no ideal what I was doing I decided to join a movie that had been split into. so I had two mp4 file sizes 804.5 MBs and 666.5 MBs. I got them on the Time line and went to export them as one file. I did not want to change the resolution but none of the mp4 presets were even close to the resolution of 640 x 290 of this film. I did see that some of the presets take the resolution from the source file, but not the mp4 ones. I ended up using the you tube 1080 P preset, My thinking was if its setup for uploading to you tube I would end up with a fairly small file. Nope

My first clue that something was wrong was when it gave a time  of two hours to output the file. I think I compounded the error by stopping and restarting the output twice trying to see if I had a setting wrong. I finally said the heck with it and let it run the third time.

My second clue that something was wrong was when windows 10 told me I was running out of disk space. So I paused the output again fire up fire explorer and check to see how much free space is left on disk D, thats where I installed your program to, thats what it should be using! There was still 3.5Tbs of free disk space on D.

I then checked my C drive, zero free space! Like what the heck, I used your custom setting to set up your program to use my D drive, and it is using my C drive! I did recover, emptied the cache in settings. Emptied the recycle bin, did disk cleanup, that got my free space back. I restarted your program and was able to get a output file of 13783Mbs on the you tube 1080P preset, and it did take about two hours.

Yea I think. Then, as I now had one file I used XMedia Recode to change the resolution back to 640 x 290 and compress it down to a file size of 1447.8 MBs. I learned my lesson don't use your editor to join two files. So I am still looking for a good free program that can join two mp4 files.

I think before I use your program again I need to find all the directories it is using on the C drive and move them to the D drive hopefully it will not be a pain in the ass to do that.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    There are certain system files that have to go on C: those aren't too bad. It's a Windows thing. 

    What can eat space is cache and proxies. What you want to do is go to the File Menu at the top left of the Hitfilm interface. Select the Options button. You'll find a lot of options, but most relevant is you can move your Cache and proxy (and Auto save) to your D:

    At 3:50 of this video is a walk through of everything in the Options Menu, accurate to Hitfilm 2017. Mostly accurate for the current version of Pro, but missing the newest additions.


  •  I see, think you. I know part of this is windows fault. It used to be pretty simple, when you installed a program the install program would create a main directory and sub directories inside that directory. that made it easy to uninstall a program and delete anything that the uninstall program left behind. But now you have the (program file) and (program file x83), then you have the hidden (program data), and then there are some places in the user directory you have to look at also. So every thing is getting all spread out and confusing. I am sure it all fits Microsoft's big plan to lay it out that way, but for me its just confusing.

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