Voluntary Payments Hitfilm Express?

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Regards upgrades and payments.

I may never need to move beyond the free hitfilm express because I am producing an inhouse video for my fledgling artisan 'designer light' business.

I am filming all stages of production for a promotional video but its on a budget as said business is a one-man affair and I have had to keep an incredibly tight reign on expenditure during the past 3 years of self funded development - most of my investment is in the workshop in terms of machinery and so on,

I cannot simply hire in pro's for video or afford top end software and I believe that I can produce the standard required, in addition I can take the time and patience to repeat repeat repeat until just right

I cannot see that I will ever need anything better than the free version - it already surpasses my expectations ( previously used Sony Movie Studio ).

I have to say I feel nothing but positivity towards Hitfilm due not only to the fact that they have given me free software which is significantly better than software I paid for previousy but also the great website, tutorials and so on.

Perhaps Hitfilm should give people the option to make a voluntary payment for Hitfilm Express after they have tried it out?

I would certainly click on my paypal account and offer some measure of my gratitude whilst at this stage being grateful that I do not have to shell out for the pro version. The use of this software will/should contribute to a modest one-man business I prefer to be fair and always give something back.

Its rare these days that you feel some kind of loyalty or gratitude to a commercial entity but Hitfilm have earned that from me


  • Spend some money on add on packs. The cost to FXHome to activate them is zero, but they still get your money (which is nice for them) and you get some features to use.

    Starter Pack is certainly the first thing anyone should buy. Lots of very useful stuff in there.


    Plus, Add On packs carry over into your next version of Express at no additional cost - or they have so far.

  • @Palacono,

    Yes maybe thats the way to show appreciation - not sure I will ever need them - not really much of an FX user but you never know and the prices are low so yes buy some add-ons.


  • @Jonnie45 ; Thanks for the positive comments.  Nice to hear some good news for a change.

    If you don't mind, it might be useful to list your system specs, the video resolution you are working at and overall workflow.   This might be help  others who seem to struggle with the software. 

  • @Stargazer54

    I have italicised background blurb which most will want to pass over

    "This might be help  others who seem to struggle with the software"

    I might have a slight advantage compared with some other newbies as when I had a "proper job" ( before going it alone) I was a developer on CADCAM systems and also a history of 3D rendering so not a video expert but perhaps a "feel" for using large scale software.  I  also have the infinite patience that working with large scale software often demands.

    "If you don't mind, it might be useful to list your system specs, the video resolution you are working at and overall workflow. "

    Win10 laptop - Dell Inspiron i7 ( 8 cores ) with an AMD Radeon HD 7700M and Intel HD 4000 graphics cards. I use supplied AMD software to rate which applications are heavy weight and therefore which should use the AMD card instead of the Intel,I have now set HitFilm to use the AMD.

    Initial problem: I knew I was going to have to choose graphics card options but like most kids at Christmas I just wanted to "get it out of the box and play a minute" before setting things up .

    With the Intel HD 4000 the software had the 'feel' of an application that has hogged resources or is on a system too feeble to run it - I was waiting ages for a menu item to respond and often it just froze up - remember I was not doing anything heavy duty, just poking around the menus.

    I was convinced that the graphics card would only be an issue if I tried any rendering - for instance if I run my favourite open source 3D renderer 'Mitsuba' then it works fine on any graphics card until you start to render and then there is a performance issue.

    I think it is important for folks to realise that HitFilm seems to need a very capable graphics card running right from the very start even if you are not proposing to render yet and just want a poke around menus.

    I had already installed a couple of competitor offerings to evaluate and dismissed for this reason or that reason so it would have been easy to make a bad decision here and dismiss HitFilm - so glad I didnt.

    With the AMD graphics card in use its another ball game, smooth easy and repsonsive, no complaints whatsoever - love it!!!

    "the video resolution you are working at"

    Not yet fully resolved - for the time being I am playing around at the Youtube1080HD resolution.

    I am shooting video at 1280 x 720 which reflects my "go cheap" option of using my Nikon D300s SLR for clips of workshop machining operations - its fine for this - currently using monochrome and grading effect "silver screen" which helps soften the brutal look of heavy machinery.

    However I am also experimenting with high resolution stop motion footage of final product generated using the SLR in normal camera mode and a rig so I have yet to see how this all plays out "resolution wise".

  • @Jonnie45 Thanks for the info.

    With a capable system, 1080p resolution seems to be the way to go.   So many people try to do 4K right out of the gate and wonder why their under powered system chokes. 

    Plus, variable frame rate footage needs to be transcoded to constant frame rate to achieve acceptable results, even at 1080p. 


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