HitFilm Express 2017 will not open. I have latest Nvidia Driver installed.

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I always make sure that I have the latest Nvidia driver installed for my computer. I run a Windows 8.1 64-bit OS with a Nvidia GeForce 840M graphics card. The most recent driver, Version 390.77 , was released on January 29, 2018 and installed promptly after.
HitFilm Express 2017 was working after this driver had updated to the current version. Latest project I modified was on February 4, 2018. I tried opening HitFilm Express 2017 yesterday and today with no luck. I sent in a few crash reports when the dialog box prompted me to do so, but it still will not open.
Edit {10:54 PM EST}
I don't know why, but after restarting my computer, HitFilm Express 2017 will now open.

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