GTX1080ti compatible with Hitfilm Pro?

I'm using 

Windows10 64bit
Hitfilm Pro (Newest Version)
Core i7
GTX680 x 2

I've been using Premiere Pro and After Effects CS6.
Now I changed to Hitfilm Pro.

Since I use Hitfilm Pro, I'm wondering if Hitfilm Pro is compatible with GTX1080ti or not.
Because in Editor mode, I added just one video transition.
When I preview the video, it moved too slow while video transition.
It never happened with Premiere Pro CS6.

Though Premiere Pro CS6 doesn't support GTX1080Ti,  it works smoothly.



  • It may not necessarily be a hardware issue.  It could be that the video file you're testing is in a format and codec that aren't optimized for editing.  HitFilm is really picky about that stuff, notoriously more so than other editors.  You'll probably see an improvement if you transcode your footage.  If you're not familiar with the whys and hows of transcoding, I strongly suggest watching this:

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    Yep, thats got not much to do with the GPU, your 1080 Ti. I have a 1080.

    The problems comes down to basic timeline performance and here Hitfilm is a bit lacking compared to other editors. This mostly shows up with AVC media. Most AVC media is encoded in a high decode overhead structure. This requires more CPU to decode than a lower overhead AVC or some other codecs like Cineform.

    Transitions are also a serious issue with AVC LongGOP in general when the left and right NLE clips in the transition are from the same media file. If the clips are different media files then the transition may process smoothly. It all depends on your CPU.

    We the users can affect the basic playback overhead in Hitfilm by transcoding media to a lower overhead format when necessary. This is putting the burden on us some but at least there is something we can do about the situation.

  • Thank you for your replies.
    I understood the reasons.
    At the same time, I am disappointed to Hitfilm Pro.
    It is very stressful for me.

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