Number 1 Problem with HitFilm Express

I've used hitfilm for a little while now. I'm looking for an editor that performs well and doesn't cost me a monthly subscription. I heard of hitfilm a while back and thought I would try it. 

To the point, I think there is one big problem with hitfilm. As a side note I've edited with Adobe Premiere Pro for most of my career as an independent editor. Hitfilm gets bogged down and drops its frame rate. As a quick example I imported a timelapse, HitFilm was choppy and skipping every 5 to 10 frames. Where as Premiere plays the time lapse just fine. I know its kinda unfair to compare HitFilm to Premiere. How ever this one thing I think would make HitFilm a stand out NLE. If I were in the development department this is what I would be working on. Not saying I don't like HitFilm because its a very cool NLE. But I'm wondering what moderators think as well as users, as a long time independent editor.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Improving basic playback is a long-standing wishlist item. It's something the devs have worked on (and Express 2017 responds faster than, say, Express 3), but there is room for improvement. 

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