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Okay, so I purchase Hitfilm Pro, in order to give my YouTube videos a bit more, ...PIZAZZ...however i'm thinking taking off the girlfriends bra one handed is easier to figure out.  are there ANY tutorials, that are SLOWED DOWN  a bit..holy moly guys..."click here, do that, put that there...and your done, thanks for watching"  is not helping me ONE BIT..i understand the learning curve is quite steep here, but if your tutorials go over basics, SLOOOOOWWWWLLLYYYY...it may actually stop me from tossing my brand new laptop (of which i bought SPECIFICALLY to run this software), out the second story window. 

Can someone point me in the right direction here, on How i can learn to use this program to its full potential.  I'm no spielberg...(i'm younger and better looking anyhow)..but i would really like to use this software for the reasons i bought it.  THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!


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    You can look into the Hitfilm University essential Hitfilm tutorials. They cover all the ins and outs of using the Hitfilm application. It is still a work in progress but it is in a reasonably complete state as of now.


    Hitfilm University home page links to other channels with Hitfilm tutorials.


    The Hitfilm channel is full of tutorials. Many of the older ones are basics about using Hitfilm. Even old tutorials are still applicable to current Hitfilm. Most times without change. The Hitfilm U tutorials are realistically much better at showing Hitfilm features but they are much longer and far more complete. If you want 'slow' you have to watch long videos. Most people do not want to watch long.

    You can always consult the Hitfilm manual. It is not the most complete but it keeps getting better.


    None of these tutorials tries to teach "video editing". Hitfilm U teaches Hitfilm. The example tutorials try to show how to do a specific effect. If you are interested in the specific effect, you many watch a specific tutorial more than once. At least until you know Hitfilm itself. But rememeber those TUTs are not trying to teach Hitfilm. They are showing how to do a specific special effect. For those types of TUTs it is best to watch and absorb effects concepts and then download the project files and then look at details/specifics there.


  • @FilthyFrenchFry ; Triem23 here on the board has  probably the most comprehensive playlist of Essential tutorials that are very detailed on almost all facets of Hitfilm. You may have tried his or not I'm leaving a link just in case you haven't.  And I recently discovered on some of those you described using the playback speed option to slow them down to let me follow the mouse cursor around easier.  Hope you find these useful.


  •  Thanks guys for your help...I'll definitely check out all the links you both put up..

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    I'll just say follow the Essential Hitfilm playlist in order. To slightly disagree with @NormanPCN, I am trying to cover a lot of general VFX principles--things that apply to Ae, Photoshop, other programs--before getting into Hitfilm specifics, and there are a few general editing tips, but nothing overt. Still in progress, of course. It's a huge topic.

    General note. On computers the YouTube player can slow things as much as 50%.

  • You can also slow down YouTube videos on iPads, or speed them up, which I usually do.

    Has to be on YouTube though; if opened in the forum it often uses a different method which hides the controls and moves volume to a bar at the top.  Haven't worked out why some change and some don't. Also applies to some embedded web videos, so maybe it's Safari being 'helpful'.

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    I tend to download tutorials to a tablet which is next to my laptop. A local copy is easy to start, pause, rewind while following on my computer. 

  • In YouTube you can slow down playback by something like 25%. Otherwise, you're probably going to have to keep pausing and unpausing the tutorial; that's what I have to do.

  • A lot of times if I am trying to follow a tutorial on YouTube I will maximize the screen and follow along step by step pausing after each step and then alt+tab to switch to my Hitfilm screen and then do what I just seen for that step. I tend to do that with most tutorials and not just the Hitfilm ones. Then I will do the same again but try and do it all on my own till I get stuck and then I will reference the part where I am stuck at, then repeat till I can make it through the whole process without having to reference the tutorial video anymore. Kind of helps keep it fresh in the memory and then becomes second nature on how to do the effect you are going for. After you have it down then I tend to experiment with it and tweak settings and see where that takes the effect and if it can be improved on for what exactly I am looking for or other things that may come up in the future.

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