Importing Clips from Ipad

Hello everyone , sorry for this wall of text , but i wanted to give as much info as possible to see if there is a solution or workaround.

I have already trolled these forums and have found no one else with the exact problem but have gleaned a few workarounds from similar issues although none of these complete resolve my issue.


I am trying to import multiple clips into Hitfilm express to edit and stitch together, The files are from a screen record on an iPad running ios 11. Ipad exports from ipad at 1440 x1920 and project needs to render to 1920x1080

1) Hitfilm is not reading the file encoding correctly and on import the orientation of the clip is on its side.

Workaround attempted. 

(imported clip into another film editing software " MovieMaker " which reads the orientation correctly, however on export so that i may import the new file into hitfilm it created a black border on the left and right of the clip.) This is no good as it look terrible.

2nd Work around ( file is imported at 1440 x 1920 )

Import original file into hitfilm and use transform/rotate 270 degrees to get correct orientation. Then use the scale tool to adjust size of clip to fit and moved the clip to the left hand side of the work area, This leaves a Band to the right, but that's ok as i can make a comp with a new layer to hold a static graphic to fill that area at a later time.

Export  for further editing later.

Import the next clip and repeat.

the problem i have here is that once rotating and then manually scaling, I cant see a way of determining the scale, positioning, size etc of the adjusted clip, so after exporting the second clip , and then re importing both clip 1 and 2 , when stitching together, the aspect ratio, scale and positioning is not exactly the same due to the inaccuracy of manual scaling, and is noticeable on playback.

I am trying to import about 10 clips to create a single project. and in future will be doing many more, so any help on an easier workaround with better and less time consuming results would be appreciated. 

The time it takes to import file, rotate manually scale and then render and export is quite consuming especially if doing this with many clips, also getting each clip to manually match in scale seems clumsy and inaccurate at best.



  • Manual scaling would be easier.  1080/1440 is 0.75, so just set the scale to 75% once you've rotated the footage and the height should be a perfect fit.  That aside, it's still a manual step, so there are a couple ways you could optimize the conversion workflow.

    If you want to do it all inside of HitFilm, you could do it with a couple composite shots.  One would be the same dimensions as one of your source clips (1440x1920; I'll call this In Comp), the other would be 1920x1080 (I'll call this Out Comp).  Drop a clip into In Comp, then drop In Comp into Out comp, where you'll rotate and scale it as you desire.  Set the in and out points to match the length of your material, then send that comp's timeline to the export queue (using the in and out points, not the full comp).  Go back into In Comp and replace the clip with a new one.  Go back to Out Comp, tweak the in and out points, and send it to the queue.  Repeat 'til all clips are sent to the queue, then kick off all the exports. Save this project for later use.

    Another option would be to use a program capable of batch-processing multiple files.  MPEG Streamclip can do that, and it can do rotation as well as scaling.  Set your options once and tell it to process a whole collection of files.  Save a preset so you can easily do this in the future.

    With either process, make sure you're exporting/transcoding to an editing-friendly format and codec.  For more on this, I strongly suggest watching this video:

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