Andrew Price (BlenderGuru) Interviewing Andrew Kramer

Not sure if anyone else is subscribed to BlenderGuru and if so then you probably have already seen this. But for those of you that haven't then this is a nice video interview with the one and only Andrew Kramer. Some good info in here.


  •  @FlyingBanana78 ; Definitely looks interesting, but the link doesn't work for me.  Maybe somebody else is having better luck?


  •  Maybe this is it?


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    @Stargazer54 yeah that is it. No idea why it didn't take my link when I tried posting it as a link. Instead just copy and pasted the address to the link and it works now. *scratches my head*

    Thanks for pointing that out and bringing that to my attention.

  • Andrew Price AND Andrew Cramer? I'll watch that...

    thanks for sharing

    ooh, it's a long one. I'll watch that later

  • @JMcAllister there is time stamp links in the description if you see a topic of interest. Figured I would share it for those that hadn't seen it yet and are interested in doing more with there work as Kramer started off as just a basic tinkerer then got to the level of working for big budget companies.

  • This a great interview! I aspire to be 1/10th as good as these 2. A lot of news coming from Andrew about E3D and general 3D assets to. 

  • @GrayMotion glad you enjoyed the share. I know I got excited when I got the notification from Andrew Price's YouTube notifications. I enjoyed it quite a bit and look forward to more of his interview series that he is going to be doing.

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