Is the "film looks" pack worth it?

I haven't found any previews of this anywhere. Are the effects worth it?


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    download the Hitfilm pro demo ant try these effects yourself:

    • bleach bypas
    • Cine style
    • Classic cine style
    • Duo tone
    • Film grain
    • and some of the looks presets in the last effect preset folder

    the only thing I will raccomand from this pack is the "film grain" that can easily recreated using grain or any film grain overlay video.

    all other effect are partially useless in my opinion (try pro yourself) at the same price I'd buy the colorist pack.

  • All the effects packs sold separately for hitfilm 4 express are included in hitfilm PRO?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Pro contains everything in all add on packs, another dozen-plus exclusive effects, and other major features not available in Express, like 3D models, full Particle Sims, Camera Projection, Scopes, the ability to keyframe on the Editor Timeline, 32-bit color, 8k video, Third-party plug in support and more. 

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