Music video - How to sync 20 video tracks to my master audio track?

Hi, I'm brand spankin' new to HitFilm. I've been using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 20 which seems to have a much more refined timeline editing design. But it bogs down and spends more time creating proxy (real proxy) files than it does letting me edit by the time I get about 12 layers of video track deep with simple but slow dissolve transitions. (Which are much easier to apply and better represented on the tracks in pinnacle where you just hover and drag the transition out to whatever length you want instead of changing to the effects tab, scrolling and opening lots of options until you find the dissolve and then drag it twice to both ends of the clip for in and out - Hitfilm I hope your reading this! :-)

Anyway,  if I sync all my clips to my master audio .wav file (created from Sonar) HitFilm generates a slew of (merged) video files... which I can drag on the onto the time line... but they are not actually synced to my master track in any way.

Instead, each video file just has its audio replaced with a referenced master file... so when I have say 8 tracks on the timeline, they all have the master audio synced to themselves but not with each other or my master audio... I see no way to actually time align all my video to the master audio track in HitFilm other than zooming in and trying to manually line up the wave forms of each. And since HitFilm doesn't zoom in far enough that is really hard to do (Pinnacle wins again). Further, in Pinnacle, I can individually adjust the audio track lane height so I can keep the tracks between say the bottom master and a top clip both visible at the same time to help me line them up... can't do that with HitFilm... they all get huge so you can see... but then you can't see the tracks you need to align on the same window as your reference master.


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