How to Export in 4K with 59,94 FPS?

Hello to all. 

Short little question: How can i export videos in 4K with 59,95 fps? When i try to start the export process it always says: The width (3840), height (2160) and/or framerate (59,9401) are invalid for this level. I chose the level 5.1. Can anyone explain what i am doing wrong?

Thank you very much for your help. 

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  • Hitfilm does not support > 30fps at 4k/UHD resolutions to the MP4/AVC format. Greater than 30fps and UHD requires level 5.2 or higher.

    You will have to export to something like Cineform and then transcode to AVC/MP4 with some other application. Like Handbrake or ffmpeg.

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