My CG comp using HitFilm Express 2017 (turn up your sound) 

A huge THANK YOU to HitFilm for making this incredible software available. I have been searching for a very long time for an interface that is:

1. Affordable 

2. Professional,Intuitive and user friendly.

 I will be upgrading to HitFilm Pro in the near future.

 This is my first Comp using this software and I have to say Hitfilm has opened up a new world for me to explore. Thank you so much HitFilm you rock !!

 Feel free to comment on the video. Your feedback is very much appreciated.


  • @YeomanPictures Very nice for a first piece!  The flow of the piece (structurally) works pretty well, and you did a really nice job with the sound.

    My main critique is about the length.  An easy trap to fall into when doing VFX for the first time is to drag things out longer than they need to be.  I mean, you've made this cool fireball and it's rolling along and just looks awesome, and the temptation is to showcase that awesomeness.  However, remember that a title treatment is just a really short story, and needs to be as carefully paced as any other story.  Most title treatments are shorter than 10 seconds.  Yours is 43 seconds.

    The main part (the 12 seconds from :08 to :22) is the biggest bottleneck. it would be more impressive if it were shortened to maybe 3-4 seconds.  Also take the pre-fireball and post-fireball moments and cut them at least in half, maybe shorter.  In the end, you could compress all of the action you have now into a 10-second piece that would actually have greater impact, both visually and emotionally.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    What Jsbarret said. Effects look good (love the rolling fireball) and the concept, but it's longer than it needs to be because you're enjoying how cool the rolling fireball looks. 

    I disagree on timing. He's saying 10 seconds, I think 15-20 would be optimal for that. 

    Nice work! Welcome to Hitfilm. 

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    Thank you very much for the feedback jsbarrett and Triem23.

  • Here is the shorter version. Do you think it works ?

  • Nice 2nd version but if honest felt a tad too long once the main ball is filling the screen.

  • Thank you Andy001z appreciate your feedback.

  • +1 to Andy's comment.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yes, this second version is much better, but the rolling fireball is still lingering too long. The thing about fireballs in explosions is they tend to be hot gasses. Hot gasses tend to be less dense and tend to rise, of course, unless being forced in a horizontal direction by an obstacle.

    You're holding the rolling fireball at "ground" level because you think it's looking really super-awesome-cool, and you want to watch it spin a couple of times, and you're right. That spinning fireball IS looking super-awesome-cool, but it's spinning from about 7 seconds to about 16 seconds. That fireball needs to start rising by 10 seconds or so. It's not so much the LENGTH of the effect as it feeling "off" because the fire isn't behaving correctly. :-)

    Or, if you want the length, then we almost need to see spinning fireball one rising into the air as spinning fireball two spawns from the second explosion, if you see what I mean?

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    Yes thank you guys and Triem23 for the analysis. Really appreciate your feedback.

  • This is the second comp I recently completed using HitFilm Express. Not sure if it really works that well but feel free to comment. Comp using a tracker for the sign and Boris Title Studio for the "Presents". Have a look.

  • Nice!  Simple, but effective.  The camera move is great, and the opening title is tracked really well to the terrain image.  Can't see any slipping.  Just a few thoughts on what to tweak (if you're up for tweaking):

    1. The background sound should start the moment the scene fades up from black.  Right now it doesn't begin until the camera starts to pull back.
    2. When that camera move begins, the terrain around the title immediately begins to soften/blur a little bit.  Not sure if this is intended, but my gut says it should gradually soften as the camera gets farther away, not soften quite so soon.
    3. I get why you added the "whoosh" sound as the camera passes that new layer at about :09, but it's a bit too intense, and a little too high in pitch.  That sound should be really subtle IMO.
    4. Consider feathering the edge of that new layer by a few more pixels.  It's not a bad thing that we know it's a flat image, but that super sharp edge kinda over-emphasizes its flatness.  Softening it would help it blend with the rest just a touch more.
    5. I like the concept behind the "Presents" sign being made of weathered, chipped wood, but the fact that it looks illustrated when everything else has a photographic approach feels inconsistent.  Could you find some stock photography of wood planks and piece the sign together from those?  It would help that last bit feel more cohesive.
  • Thank you for your thoughts jsbarrott. I agree with everything you said and will tweak it as per and re-post. Thank you very much !

  • I re-worked the above video and therefore deleted it and replaced it with this one. Feel free to comment if you like.

  • Here's a fun comp I've been working on. Don't laugh :)

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