How Can I Make Gun Shot Scenes Make A Lot More Realistic?

Yesterday i saw a video on youtube. ( They made the gun's mechanism move with VFX. You can see it in 0:38. How can i make the same effect on my project in Hitfilm?


  • Another alternative is to buy an Airsoft with blowback.  The slide moves back with every shot.

  • @YucukluSumurta ; I was going to suggest with duplicating the layer and masking out all but the slide carriage on the top layer. Since it will only move for a few frames at best, the eye should only register the motion not that the slide is still there on the bottom layer, but @BobDiMarzio has a tremendously better solution.

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    Single stepping through the video on YouTube: the gun mechanism moved back for exactly one frame. Twice.

    Your choices would be either:
    a) Not bother, because hardly anyone would notice, or
    b) Capture that frame, draw on it in an image program (Photoshop, Windows Paint etc.) and reinsert it (or just the small gun area) over the original for that single frame, and hope people notice your hard work. :)

  • Don't bother. Use a muzzle flash, some fine debris, and if it's indoors and dark, a bit of lighting. The audience won't be able to see the difference as long as you include a gunshot sound.

    What the audience WILL notice is that a real gunshot releases a burst of air that disturbs things around it. Even the muzzle flashes are easier to add in post; unless you're filming with one of the few cinema cameras that has a global shutter, you're probably going to miss it.

    Even when you DO catch it, it's hard to see in many situations, meaning basically anytime that isn't night, or at least with a dark background.

    In fact, the bushes being disturbed, the dust on the side of the car puffing off and creating a cloud of fine debris and that sort of thing turned out to be a LOT more noticeable than the muzzle flashes, and the action of the gun is so brief and so quick that even while aligning fake muzzle flashes to the tip of the gun, I didn't notice the gun's action.

  • This is more of an area where if you imitated real life, 99% of the people watching you video would think that you did something wrong. @WhiteCranePhoto ; is 100% correct.   The muzzle flash from a typical pistol is rarely visible outside during the day.  however there is always visible smoke and particulates.  however, what is always visible is the ejected spent cases.   It's a dead giveaway when there is no ejected brass  during a fire fight in a movie.

    As you can see in the attached USPSA video no flash but there is smoke.  It's also almost impossible to see the slide actuate.  however, we all know that every single gun shot in a movie has the flash sometimes even a flash with a starburst lens flare, but I digress.

  • Good call on the spent cartridges. 

    They don't need to look like anything much though; a small cylindrical 3D model would do just fine, it doesn't need much detail, especially since it will be motion blurred anyway. Just a reasonably realistic trajectory.

  • Watch film riot videos, they have lots on guns etc. (From basic to more expensive models). Strangely I was watching some of theirs about guns only this morning!

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    To build off GodofThunder do YouTube searches for "Film Riot Guns" and "ActionVFX guns." They will be After Effects tutorials but nothing will be different in Hitfilm. 

  • Oldie but goodie, and YouTube will give you their other similar vids in the suggestions panel

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