How do I get the credits to slow down to the freeze frame?

I need help trying to get the scrolling titles to slow down to the freeze, how do I do that?


  • @NicholasBonnie ; Look in the Temporal effects folder; there should be one called Speed (I think.  I'm on a phone and can't double check right now.)  It should have a setting that you can animate with keyframe to reduce the speed in a variable way.  Hope it helps you out.

  • Another option is to make a separate title element just for the part that needs to slow to a stop.  Instead of using the scrolling titles effect, though, you would use a plain text layer with the same font as the scrolling titles.  Keyframe it to enter the frame matching the speed of the scrolling titles, then slow to a stop with the help of a Manual Bezier keyframe at the end.

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