Hitfilm MIDI Controller

Has anyone tried using a MIDI controller with Hitfilm? How well does it work? I'm mainly looking to use it on the Edit page for editing quicker. I already have a MIDI controller and am going to use Bome.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    As far as I know Hitfilm does not read Midi


  • @Triem23 ;

    I know it doesn't natively. Bome software converts MIDI into almost anything on your computer (keypress, mouse click etc) I was just wondering if anyone has tried this within Hitfilm. You should look into it. It's pretty cool! 

  • If I'm going to connect a device to control input, I'd prefer that it be fairly intuitive and relevant to what I'm doing.  MIDI keyboards are great for music, but my gut says they'd be horrible for other control situations.  As a one-off for a special project, maybe, but not something I'm going to use for the long haul.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @jsbarrett depends on if he it referring to a keyboard or a knobs/buttons/sliders controller. 

    I've never tried with a MIDI device. I do use a Razer Naga MMO mouse and Contour Shuttle Pro. Other people have mapped Steam Controllers and other custom devices. Anything you can map a key to should work. 

    I'm not certain about knobs. I don't think you'll get anything to read continuous values. If you have a free-spin knob that could be good to map frame advance/rewind on for shuttle/jog. Otherwise a hard stop makes that pointless. 

    I'd say experiment. 

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