Is there a way to use a layer as a mask

This is rather simple. Is there a way to have a layer act as a mask for another layer? I know you can do this in Premiere Pro, but since I've changed over to Hitfilm, I have no idea how to accomplish this.


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    You need the Set Matte effect. 

    Covered here at 36:49

    The rest of the video covers some important information about how Compositing and keying works, the masking tools and a look at the different keying options in Hitfilm.

    Incidentally Set Matte ends up being more flexible than Ae Track Mattes as a track matte only effects an adjacent layer, where a Set Matte can use any layer as a source. 

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    I tried to do that and I got it working for the most part, but with one problem. I'm using the effect on a composite shot which is completely transparent (save for some lightning effects on yet another composite nested within that). When I apply the set matte effect, the transparent parts appear as solid black. Is there any way to prevent that from happening?

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    Without seeing your project setup it's hard to predict the exact settings you need. What are you doing to generate the Matte Source? What's the Matte over?

    Chances are you have the Matte blend mode set to "replace," which can override existing transparency (because "Replace"). You might need to set your blend to Subtract and invert the matte. You might be better off altering the Matte Source. Without knowing how things are set up I'm guessing blindly. 

  • Yep, that worked perfectly! Thanks.

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