Eddting with hit film pr0 2017

Using HitFilm 2017  I am trying to track  moving object but tracking is not working , only if  I do manually by clicking and clicking it,  appreciate your help


  • Tracking is a tricky beast.  A lot of the success of a track depends on the source footage: resolution, image quality, detail clarity, etc.  Are you able to share the video you're using for tracking?  If so, post it to YouTube and add the link on its own line in a reply, which will embed the video in this thread (only visible after you post and refresh), and indicate what exactly you're trying to track and how you're going about the process.

  • as i was communicate with Axel with hit film he said to create another account on my iMac  I create another account  tracking is working now but I have lots of files to transfer pain in the but  Thanks anyway

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