Merged audio out of sync

I have a separate audio track that I merge over the video track but for some reason the audio is several seconds off from the video.

The audio file plays fine on it's own...the file has sound right from the start of the track but when it is merged with the video file the sound does not start for roughly 7 seconds, I've tried exiting Hitfilm and doing it all over from scratch as well as remixing the audio file in Audacity (despite the audio file seeming to be fine on its own).

This has happened once before and after doing the same things it sync'd up eventually though I have no idea what in the world made it work let alone what made it so far out of sync to begin with, it seems like Hitfilm decided to add silence to the beginning of the track of it's own accord.

Getting around it is easy enough by unlinking the original audio and dragging in the one I wished to merge but I find it baffling as to why the audio gets pushed back like it does (and also ends up getting those 7 seconds cut off of the end of the track)


  • Are you trying to auto-sync the audio with the video?  If so, and if it keeps messing up, then stop trusting the auto-sync and just sync it yourself manually.  It shouldn't take that long.

    If that's not it, then something about your description is confusing me. Maybe you could screen capture what you're doing and post the video to YouTube, then share the link here.

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