Hitfilm Pro bugs and things version 6.1.7208.42532

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Bug :  reproducible everytime ?  YES

Short Cut key assignments :
assign Previous\Next frames to Left and Right arrow keys .
new assigments don't work .
had to Reset back to default using , and .

Bug :  reproducible everytime ? YES

the Scope's Ordering does NOT restore , when loading a custom Layout .
when  4  scopes are visible in the Layout save ,...
a layout Load , might only show 2 scopes ,
and the ordering of the scopes becomes different too .  i must manually settup the Scopes panel again .

also , Floating  window  positions of the Layout won't  restore ,when loading a  custom layout . if i bump a  Floating window out of place i must manually place it back into position .  Vegas  Layouts  restore their  floating windows. ( these  Floating windows are essential to  setting up the Layout )


Bug :  reproducible  everytime ?  YES

( 1 Comp ,... parent Plane layer , 2 child layers , 1 base layer
only the Top parent layer does this .  At first it works , then
i go to the other layers ,  When i get back to the parent layer ,
the CONTROLS Tab properties Check Box still toggels the Viewed Plane
layer ON\OFF , but the Blue indicator button will not toggle anymore
when clicking the CONTROLS Tab property's  Visibility Check Box )

when i click the Blue Visibility Layer button on a Layer name , the check box in Layer Properties CONTROL panel toggles . OK .

However , if i toggle the check box in CONTROL panel Layer properties ,
the Blue Visibility Layer button does NOT toggle . bug .

Thing :
Too many ways to open equivalent\near equivalent diaglogues ,...
seems confusing at times .
Edit\Composite Tab Twirl downs , shows what CONTROL Tab shows .
i always need to re-close( at times they automatically open )
the Twirl downs of the Time Line , because i use\view the CONTROL Tab .
i don't want the Time Line to automatically Twirl down\open .

new update below :

Vegas has many places to open FX Effects ,...on the :
Track Controller
Event itself
upon import ( pre-filter , pre-processing )
in the View window or Video Bus( post-processing the entire project ) .
with Vegas , the FX Effects are being applied to different  areas .
with Hitfilm layers , the FX Effect list is just a duplicate of the same list
and it seems there is only one  way\place to apply an FX Effect anyway .


can't find Pre\Post Composite button .
Vegas can Pre-Post
an FX Effect on the Parent track ,
to apply the Effect to the composited
group of Child tracks . ( Hitfilm can't do this ? )

Thing :
Vegas "Track Motion"
Object Space uses Orientation
World Space uses Rotation with axis-offset settings

axis-offset settings of Vegas set the "Pivot Point\Anchor Point" .
Adjusting the axis-offsets does NOT move the Event\Media .
However , with Adobe and Hitfilm , when adjusting the Pivot Point\Anchor Point
the Media is displaced ,...then i need to use "Position" , to "move it back" .
Vegas seems much more intuitive and Logically correct when working with
Object space\World space , Pivot Points , and rotation .
( is there an underlying logic to this "Anchor Point" functionality ? )

Thing :
i had to re-think what a custom Layout should be , with Hitfilm .
i think i got a good layout now . Slightly different then an exact
mirror of Vegas ,...but then Hitfilm setup and work flow is
slightly different then Vegas . I will show you a pic , if i can .
This layout is , in a way , dynamically adaptable .
i guess the Vegas layout too , is somewhat dynamically adaptable , because
i slide panels , when necessary , to reveal\hide other windows of the interface .

Thing :  reproducible  everytime ?  No
                 ( RAM usage is set to 3.5 Gig , one of the Presets )

build dynamic RAM preview , into system memory .
the Playhead with mouse works .
but , when i click the play button or press Spacebar ,
the Blue allocation indicator disapears , and the memory
build is no longer available .
( Vegas's Build Dynamic RAM Preview works )

bug :
Hitfilm has had some crashes and lockups\not responding issues .
i need to Send Report( haven't done that yet )

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