Slightly dark, discolored 8mm cine film

Hello !Hit Film Express 2017 is my video editor. I'm working mainly with slightly dark/discolored 8mm movie film. Is there a tutorial that better assists me in bringing these old silent films back to life? What selection of controls help best with results? Packs.......which one(s)? Starter Pack, Colorist Pack or Repair? I would say I need brightness and contrast, shadows, clarity, highlights etc.  I'm not experienced but I'm aiming for a better fix, not neccessarily a quick fix. During my first attempt you will notice the film go lighter all of a sudden. I'm still learning.  motorcycle short film 1971


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     @Hitfilmer195100 ; I did a little of this with my old family home movies and created a couple of presets I needed for footage that was similar but I was using 4 PRO at the time and I'll have to check to see what effect I used and if they are available in Express.  But watching you footage that light and dark you mentioned seems to happen at the same rotation points around the track so I suspect it inherent in the film stock (probably due to lighting when it was filmed.) and it will be nigh on to impossible to correct without some very painstaking tweaking with effects. 

    Also, I suspect the darkness is due to 8mm capabilities at that time and if you lighten it significantly you'll introduce a lot of grain and film noise.  In my not expert opinion but some experience, your looking at about the best you'll be able to do with this particular piece of footage.  I'll add an edit when I check out those presets for what effects I used which, of course, vary by footage they are intended.

  • TD Davis that is promising, what you say. But it is indeed unfortunate if that is the case :(         Steve

  • @Hitfilmer195100 ; I had quite forgotten to check on these and so glad you posted to remind me.  Here are a couple of screen caps of the presets I created by stacking Hitfilm effects. Preset effects used.PNG?dl=0 Hospital effects used.PNG?dl=0

    And a zipped folder that has three presets (there was two variations of the Hospital one) if you want to import them.  I had them placed in the folder 'My Presets' but I think since it depends on the footage it's better just to know the effects I was playing with.  In your clip you'd want to add an effect to work on the lighting for sure.

    Hope these help you out in some way and best of luck.


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