Nvidia settings and Hitfilm

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The NVidia panel offers a lot of tweaking and settings I did not use yet. Are there any suggestions of NVidia settings to speed up Hitfilm or to improve quality? Is there a list in the forum I missed?

Edit: Is Hitfilm capable of using the PhysX engine?


  • @Juda1 I would strongly recommend to leave everything as default unless you really know what you are doing. Almost all of our testing is done with everything on default.

  • @ CedricBonier +1 for keeping Nvidia control panel settings at default for HitFilmPro.

    @Juda1 The only thing I use the Nvidia Control Panel to tweak is Blender and Xnormal. I don't overclock at all, having an always stable running machine is more important to me than trying to squeeze a bit more render speed.

    But, since you're taking about Quality and not Speed... in your project settings, to get better quality renders you should use 16bit float and for the best quality use 32bit float.

    If you're in the newest version of HitFilmPro you can use 16bit linear-float or for the absolute best render quality 32bit linear-float. This will increase render times by a huge margin but you should be okay with render times if you have a good machine with a good graphics card. :)

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