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Hitfilm has really made it easy to produce short films. But it's hard to find actors! Had a great time shooting and editing this.


  • @Powersolo ;  A pretty handy system for drawers there.  Much, much prettier and quicker than any I ever made back in the day.  Would have been nice to have such equipment.  Your editing seemed pretty professional and slick too.

  • Very nice!  I noticed some audio sync and layering issues, but that was the only thing that jumped out.  Good stuff!

  • I am seriously impressed.   this looks nothing like most "in house" videos that I am accustomed to seeing.   truly professional level. Lighting  was nicely defused and balanced  both through out the scenes as well as between the scenes. transitions were tight.  Music was appropriate for the subject matter. 

    I did see something that plagues all of my video where I have  narration facing the camera.    Since I do not have a teleprompter, my eyes sometimes drift a little to the left or right as I am trying to read the script that I had placed right next to the lens.   and that's  what I saw @ the  00:29 mark     I think I only saw it because I see it so much in my own work.

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    Overall this is really good! @jsbarrett already mentioned the audio sync/echo issue (really bad @ 1:23 ish)

    @ 0:07 - 0:08 the blurring of the machine in the background finishes abruptly. One frame you can tell it's still there and the next, total blur. I would make that a little smoother.

    @0:20 The line under ZBox Drawer System vs. the flyer on top. I would change the timing a little so the line is nearly fully opaque before bringing in flyer. Right now it feels like the line is being magically pulled through the flyer rather than the flyer appearing on top of everything.

    That's it for my criticisms and really, they're pretty minor. The important stuff, the lighting, scene choices, transitions, design concepts, music choice and pacing are all very good!

    I don't know if you were involved in it or not, but extra kudos need to go to whoever made the decision to use the house built router table rather than using something off the shelf. It not only added some extra branding using the company color, it was a great way to subtly showcase another company product, the hinges. 

  • Great job!  Most of the others have hit the pertinent marks.

    One thing that stood out for me was the part at the end where the finished drawer is installed onto the rails and slid into place.  Dead silence.  I would add a little natural sound there. 

  • Clean!

    One thing --please be mindful of your sound levels --pull down the machine sounds and make sure your narration is close to the top db. I turned up my volume to hear you, but then had to quickly turn down the volume once the machining began.

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