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Hey yall!

It's been a longtime coming, but I wanted to share with you all our followup short to our 2014 fanfilm 'The Splinter Cell'. Like any good sequel- 'Part 2' is bigger, badder, longer, and far, far more ambitious than it's predecessor- and some of the best stuff we've done on a 'for fun' basis to date.

It's a lengthy watch at 25 minutes- but if you have the time or interest, I'd sincerely love to know what you think! It was a big undertaking that sat dormant for far too long this past year- but it's here and out now, and I could not be prouder with the final product.


  • Very high quality and with some excellent performances.  Congratulations!

    My only comment is I was confused by continuity issues where the main character is beat and bleeding in one shot and then running down the  hall less bloodied.   For example at around 17 min where he's finally taking down the back guy the makeup looks a lot different than a few moments before that when he was in the chair getting beat up. 

  • @Stargazer54, thanks for watching! Part of the way we aimed to 'seam' that continuity -- and what happened in real life throughout the course of filming -- was that the cuts and bruises remain, but the more pronounced dried streams of blood fade a bit from sweat.


    You'll notice after the interrogation room is set on fire, Fisher in his close-up still has a bruised eye socket and cuts across his nose, but the crusted blood has beaded off his now sweaty, glistening face. In person, amidst the heat of the flames, which were a practical effect, we noticed this change and maintained it for continuity through the following action setpieces,

  • I'm really blown away by this. AMAZING work! Brilliant locations, very well framed and filmed to make it feel really tense. Great use of VFX, staying true to the game and the strong storyline had me invested from the start! I excited to see more - will there be a Part 3 in the works? :)

  • We'd like to do a Part 3. The initial short was built and something I pitched to Ben and John and the team as a trilogy- where we would continually up the ante and flesh out the plot each film. The issue is, Part 2 grew so much in scope and ambition- and as a consequence also in time and cost- that it makes the thought of doing another in the immediate term feel pretty daunting haha.

    But we'd like to. The plan was always to do three. 10 minutes. 2-30 minutes. 45 minutes to an hour. Where you could play them back-to-back, and it'd feel like a natural arc and feature film expanse- but drawn out more-manageably over several years. Since it's just a 'for fun' project.

    Funny this is the forum we're commenting on. Splinter Cell is our largest passion project endeavor and non-client narrative undertaking so far in our careers. And its entire existence is owed to a decade-spanning obligation to the FXHome community. Heh.

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    @Andrew ; Production values were top notch and as good as any prime time series.  You guys should be be proud.  I hope this takes you to new heights.

    (BTW, I guess we know why we haven't seen much of @SimonKJones for a while.)  ;)

  • Wow! 

    Amazing work, especially the lighting top notch!

  • Finally got around to watching this (thanks to Simon's tutorial, which I watched *after* the film to avoid potential spoilers).  Wonderful work all around!

  • Whoa, awesome work! :)

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