Simon says report problems in the forum --- So...

The perma-post by Simon

says that it's best to post issues in the forum.  Moderators: is there a more appropriate place to describe UI problems?  I don't want to undermine the energy and enthusiasm for new users.


Across the entire interface, there is a UI problem that takes a big hit on productivity. It also discourages the exact type of curious exploration that FXHome desires in the users. Namely, when using a pull-down box to see/change effects options, clicking the down arrow should advance through each option in the list and should create an instant update to the screen display.

Instead, we're forced to manually return to the pull down box -- to click and re-click the pull down box to update the screen.    Too often I've just settled for bland-out solutions because the pain point of exploration is just too high when I've got several client jobs running.

Another one: Why doesn't ALT-F open the file options menu?

Another one:  Why doesn't ALT-F-A let us Save-As so we can make quick backups?

I'll duck...






  • @Davlon All good points and no worries for posting those.  You might want to repost to the Wishlist thread.  The devs are watching that one for things that need fixing or new features to add.

    That being said, it will take time before those are addressed and anything that requires a major code rewrite probably has to sit in the back of the bus.

  • Because sane programs use CTRL+SHIFT-S for "Save As?" 


  • Clicking the down arrow does cycle through drop-down menus now. This feature was added in the latest version of HitFilm Pro.

  • @inScapeDigital huh. I did not know that.

  • Hence the reason Simon says post to the Forum. ;)

    (nope, didn't know that one either)

  • >  Clicking the down arrow does cycle through drop-down menus now. This feature was added in the latest version of HitFilm Pro.

    Boink!  My bad.  I've been on a cuts only project and haven't used effects since the upgrade -- Terrific.

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