Issue: Panel not updating correctly/playhead repositions

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Merry Christmas everyone,

I found an issue which I attached as Screen recording:

Working in a comp with effects: everything fine.

After switching to Editor and back the playhead inside the comp is repositioned at the end and now effects in the Control Panel and inside the comp Show different states. You can see it in the Video.

Link to video


  •  I get a 404 (not found) error when trying to follow that link.

  • Link updated

  • That does indeed look like a bug.  While working on something today, I also noticed the issue where the playhead inside a comp will auto-set to the end of the comp when switching to the Editor timeline and back again, but I hadn't noticed the difference in effect states between the layer stack and the Controls tab.

    I would submit a support ticket for this, including the link to your sample video.

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