Hardware buying tips for running HitFilm



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    @5teelrat I do not believe Hitfilm supports dual GPUs. The only NLE or VFX software I am familiar with that supports dual GPUs are Resolve and Ae, and they both only use dual GPU on rendering, not editing. 

  • Hello, I need some advice about hardware and HF4E, actual PC:

    CPU: AMD Athlon X2 7550 (2.7 GHz overclock: 10%)

    Motherboard: Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe

    RAM: 4Gb DDR2 800

    GPU: GTX 650 OC 1Gb (Two months ago it was a 9800GT 512mb)

    Hdd: Western Digital Sata2 500gb WD5000AADS

    Here is my "problem", I want to edit 720p 60Fps video (+ some 1080p 60f clips), but of course checking a preview isn't the most "fluid" experience, that turn the edition phase in a even more slow task.

    I have "0" money to upgrade the pc, so my options are limited:

    Upgrade CPU to 4x core, Athlon 4x 640 (3Ghz) (max supported by M.board).

    Or upgrade to 8Gb RAM DDR2 800 (max supported by M.board).

    In the video games "use" I think the bottleneck is the CPU, because when the GPU is the bottleneck it shown "good" performance in modern games (youtube game-plays/benchmarks).

    In the other side, when playing or using a heavy software the RAM is always almost full.

    What is better for HF4E?

    4X cores 3GHz+4Gb RAM

    2X cores 2.7GHz+8Gb RAM


    Thanks in advance for your help ;)

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