How can I parent a tracking point to a mask in Hitflim Express.

Hello, I was making an animated mask and wanted to use tracking rather than manual keyframing. Once done, I just want the masked part to be visible. Can anyone help?


  • If I understand, you would like the points of your mask to follow tracked data. I don't believe it's possible, not directly anyway.

    What you could maybe do, if your mask isn't too complicated, is to combine the "quad warp" and "set matte" effects and break down your mask into as many four-sided polygons as required.

    For one polygon, here's what you could do:

    1 - track all four "corners" of the area you want to mask and assig the data to four point layers (let's call them TL for Top Left, BL for Bottom Left, TR and BR).

    2 - Create a new comp. That's important, the method won't work if you create the matte in the same comp because the "mask" wouldn't be "baked in". Let's call that new comp "TrackedMask".

    3 - Copy the four point layers (TL, BL, TR and BR) into TrackedMask

    4 - In TrackedMask, create a new plane layer. It's color doesn't matter. Drop a "Quad warp" effect on it and for its "Top Left" etc. features, set "Use layer" to the relevant point layer (TL, etc.). That's it for this comp.

    5 - Back to your original comp, put "TrackedMask" on the timeline, set its visibility off. Drop a "set matte" effect on your footage (the one you tracked) and set its Source Layer as TrackedMask.

    There isn't much you can do to precisely tweak that mask. Almost everything will have to be done in the TrackedMask comp. Droping a "blur" effect on the plane layer will add feather, and you can play around with the "position" feature of the TR, BR etc. points to adjust the size.

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