Blending Composite Layers

Hello VidGods,

So here's what I'm trying to learn today.  Let's say I"m in composite and I have two layers, a top and bottom layer.  I want the top layer to "blend" in to the bottom layer, so it doesn't look like a photo taped on top of a video.  I'm using the word "blend" here in a generic manner, not necessarily in reference to Hitfilm features.

As example, the mask feathering feature is a start in the right direction.  It softens the edges of the top layer, making it melt in to the bottom layer.

A typical problem would be, I'm trying to replace a face by laying a new face on top of the original face.  The mask feather feature often works great in "blending" the hair of both layers.  However, use mask feathering also often blurs the sharpness of lines around the edge of the face, which tends to seriously limit how far I can go with mask feathering.

I had the idea of a paint brush tool which might allow me to target the feathering to specific parts of the image, such as you might do in an image editor.  If my research is correct, and please tell me if it's not, it appears that Hitfilm does not yet have a paint tool feature.

I've tried the blend features in Hitfilm, and can't seem to do anything useful there.

So that's generally what I'm trying to do, and a quick review of how little I currently know.   I think I'm looking for something like the smudge tool you might use in an image editor, to blur the lines between one layer and another.

Hopefully any solution you might be able to suggest in some way involves Diane Lane, that's pretty important too.

Thank you!



  • So I just discovered parenting in Hitfilm.  See?  I told you that I'm very advanced, and you didn't believe me!

    It occurs to me that I could create a "blur layer" designed to obscure the edges of specific parts of a lower layer, and then parent the blur layer to the lower layer (which I'm trying to visually blend in to the bottom layer).

    Kinda clunky, but seems it might work.


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