3D Light Bug??

Hi All,

I noticed something strange when i work in 3D environment with either 3D models or planes. When i set up a scene and add lights everything works quite well but after a time when i add additional lights nothing happens. So the new lights do not light the scene whatever i do. Looks like a bug for me. Did somebody noticed this as well?


  • Check the layer position of your lights. Hitfilm's 3D space is rendered in batches, separated by any 2D plane, video, text or grade layer.

    Imagine this layer stack:

    • Light 1
    • Grade
    • Light 2
    • 3D text layer
    • 3D models layer (Pro-only)
    • Masked 2d BG photo
    • Light 4
    • 2d background photo 

    In this example only light 2 can actually hit the 3D text. For all three lights to work, Light 1 needs to move under the grade and light 3 needs to move over the maskes 2D image. 

    Make sense? 

  • Yup that makes sense. It works :) thanks for the quick answer.

  • You caught me online. 

    Understanding Hitfilm render order of operations is important. Here's an article about it. Written for Hitfilm 1, but still applies.


    And if you prefer video about 23 minutes into this video.


  • Thanks Triem. That helped a lot. I was thinking that layers don't matter in 3D space.

  • You're not alone. Same thing got me back in the day. :) There's a reason I made that video (and used that WordPress article as a source).

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