Upscaling 2560x1080 to 3440x1440 causes tiny black bars on the sides


I'm trying to render a 2560x1080 project as 3440x1440 (this is to force YouTube to compress the file as a 4K file to decrease compression artifacts, yes this actually works). The problem is that the 3440x1440 render has tiny black bars on the sides. is there anyway to prevent the black bars?


  • 3440/1440=2.388888 and 2560/1080=2.37037

    They do not have the same aspect ratio.

    As it is quite small you could either decouple the two scale parameters and scale one axis up very slightly, or just scale it all up and lose a little on the top and bottom to get the sides to fit.

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    I assume the "ignore aspect ratio" in the export settings would achieve the same effect as stretching the scale parameters?

    Couldn't I just change the project settings to 3440x1440 and right click my video files and do "fit to frame" ? I really just want to to export my 2560x1080 file to 4K so YouTube does it's thing. I'd rather lose as little quality as possible.

    I don't really understand how you can say the difference is "quite small" though, the difference is huge.

    There's a very clear difference in quality in the 2560x1080 and 3440x1440 render. With the 3440x1440 render looking blurry and blown out. How exactly do people render out upscaled footage without losing massive amounts of quality? I don't understand how this works. :(

  • Well, as you said "tiny black bars on the sides" I thought you'd scaled it up to fit the enlarged frame. Otherwise all you've got is a large border. :)

    The difference in ratios is very small, so yes you can Fit to Frame either manually or by using the menu options. Fit to Frame will slightly squash the shape to fit on all sides. If you don't notice the very small squash, then you're done.
    Alternatively: fit vertically and horizontally will make either the sides or the top/bottom fit and the other dimension stay the same to keep the ratio the same as the original. This will either give you small borders top/bottom or left/right or stretch the image slightly outside on top/bottom or left/right to make it fit. Can't remember which, you'll have to experiment.

    Yes, the upscaled 3440 x1440 render will look blurry and washed out're stretching the original image. It can't magically recreate extra information to keep the level of detail the same.

    If you want to fudge it, add some Unsharpen Effect to it and it might look better at 3440x1440. But the whole point of the exercise is that you're going to view it at 1080p anyway, just at a higher bitrate than native 1080p would have been encoded by YouTube, so it should look like the original 1080p did at that resolution.

  • You can "trick" Youtube into using VP9 for 1080 video. No need for 1440 if that rez is not your native rez.

    The common way is after uploading and posting (done), go to the video and click the "enhancements" button. You don't need to make any changes, just click save. It won't happen immediately, maybe some hours, but you will get VP9 for 1080 media.

    The other trick is via Google drive import. I've not personally tested this method.

    Of course if your channel has "lots" of views and/or subscribers, VP9 is often the default transcode even for 1080. Exactly what counts as "lots" is unknown. For the rest of us, and if you care, the trick works last I checked. That was a few months ago.

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