more exporting options available?

I recently switched over from a different video editor and I am thinking about sticking with hitfilm express 2017.  

My only issue so far is exporting.  Since all videos will have a primary emphasis on music, audio bit rate is key for me.  I found the uncompressed export which had  great video quality and I could export the video at 1411 kbps which is ideal.

But I wanted to do a smaller size video (I didn't care much about the video quality) to send to a friend with the same quality audio.  When I tried this, with the youtube export option, I could keep the video quality down (yay!) and I could select 1024 kbps for the audio which is a little lower but still acceptable.  The export would fail however, citing  something about the AAC codec.  The only other way I could make it work was to go down to 320 kbps which is not acceptable.  Are there any other ways to get other preset options by downloading something like ffmpeg or other codecs??


  • AAC audio bitrate is limited to and dependent on the sample rate. Hitfilm should maybe not let us select a bitrate that will not work but the export presets don't know the audio sample rate so a little trial and error.

    320Kbps at 44.1/48Khz stereo should be playback transparent. Even on very high quality equipment and rooms.

  • There should be the option to export PCM audio regardless of the video codec selected.  That's all I'm asking for.

  • @ugliijimus well, mp4 can't have PCM audio, since the mp4 spec doesn't support it. At all. That would be an illegal file. 

    ProRes/Quicktime (Mac) and Cineform (PC) both use PCM audio

  • got it, thanks. that makes sense.

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