[ANSWERED] Attaching a "sub" 3D model to a point

This is crazy. I'm drawing a blank.  I would like to attach missile smoke to a Jet Strike missile.    Since the missile is in the "models" section and not on a specific layer, how do I  attach a point to it.   





  • Models can have a parent. Not just the model layer, but each model within a model layer can have a parent. Since you cannot attach something to a model. So you attach the model and the smoke to a point. 

  • Ah, Got it. Thanks.

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    Just a rewrite of Norman's correct answer for newer users:

    • A 3D model layer can contain multiple 3D models.
    • A 3D model layer will have a "Models" folder in its Controls stack, under Properties, Effects and Transformations. 
    • When opening this folder you will find everything model or model's animation group inside. 
    • Each model/group in the "models" folder will have a drop down here to attach that model/group to a point.
    • The video below starts discussing 3D model rigging about twelve minutes in. This video already assumes the viewer knows the basics  of points, parenting, keyframing, and how Transform controls work. The two videos released before this one cover those topics.


    Bob, I rewrote the thread title to try to clarify the topic for other users. You can change it again if you want.

    Bob, in your specific case I suggest THREE points.

    • Point PLANE is the main point controlling your plane's flight path.
    • Point MISSMOUNT is parented to point PLANE and represents, obviously, the physical mechanism holding the missile to the wing.
    • Point MISSILE is parented to point MISSMOUNT. Obviously the missile is parented to this point.
    • Here's how this works--the whole rig travels along together until the frame the missile's booster ignites. At this point the layer MISSMOUNT can end. This should leave point MISSILE where it was, but now independent of PLANE allowing your missile to streak off without being dragged along by the plane. I'm not on a computer to check at the moment, but I'm 95% certain this works as described.

    Also note that the Behaviors in "Hitfilm Pro--version  6--(for) 2018" open up at least two other ways to approach this rig. I'm really just starting to understand how powerful those really are. 

  • Thanks @Triem23. Perfectly explained.   I recall, that in the past you touched upon using several iterations of a model to make up for hitfilm's limited texture slots.  For example. adding a duplicate model with just the emission texture. There was something about making everything black and mixing them together.  My old brain doesn't retain the way it used to.  Long story short. I'm looking forward to your 3D integration Tutorial.



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    Bib, I stole that technique from the legendary Simon Jones.

    I also stole his particle sim starfield for an Effects Lab. 


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