Light Beams in HitFilm Express

I'm trying to have a point of light circling an object and leaving a light trail behind. As far as setting up the rigging, HitFilm Sensei graciously pointed me to the missile smoke tutorial here.

The rigging and motion is exactly what I'm looking to do (other than tweaking sizes/distances/etc).  

I saw that there are ways to do it with the Particle effect in Pro, but is there any way to do this in Express?


  • It would really be best done in Pro, however, you could adjust the missile smoke setting to sort of look like a beam of light. Try these settings...

    Under Smoke... Density = 1000, Linger = 100, Linger Variation = 0, Size = 5, Size Variation = 0, Speed = 0, Speed Variation = 0 and change the color to what you want.

    Tick off illumination, add a glow effect that is the same color and maybe a neon glow also the same color. Work the glow settings until you find something you like (i.e. crank the intensity way up and drop the radius way down).

    Good luck!

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