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This is my first time trying to export an image sequence (png) file from Hitfilm 6. Basically I imported an image sequence and made a few edits on a 5 minutes 4k (360 Vr) project.  I didn't not add any layers or VFX. I want to export the project in an image sequence again to keep my original quality and use another application to convert in H.265.

The problem is the elapsed time for 1% exporting is 11 minutes and I though that since it is already an image sequence that it would be very fast to export but this isn't the case.

Is there a faster or better approach to do this? If the image sequence is not a reliable or fast way to do it , what is the best preset to use to keep the best quality knowing that the export video will be  reconverted to h.265 in another app after?

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    PNG image sequence export in Hitfilm is painfully slow. Like hit with a baseball bat pain. The other image sequence exports are faster. JPEG is lossy. Sadly, badly lossy since it only supports 420 output.

    You can speed up PNG a bunch by changing the compression setting in the PNG export preset. If defaults to 20% and if my memory serves me a higher % gives faster performance with bigger resulting files. PNG compression is always lossless.

    "Is there a faster or better approach to do this?"

    Probably export a Cineform file for external transcode. If you are using Handbrake for external encoding then unfortunately Handbrake is still  behind the times and does not support Cineform. Last I checked.

    Of course, uncompressed AVI output is an option. Massive files.

  • There's also TIFF image sequences, but those are huge. 

    I'd agree with Norman that Cineform is the way to go. It's not lossless like PNG, but h.265 is lossy, and Cineform will retain more than enough quality. Additionally if you happen to have audio Cineform keeps that instead of requiring another render pass/hack to export the audio. 

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    @Triem23 Thank you both for your input!

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