How do I set up this comp shot?

Alright. I have two pictures. Picture one is a logo, picture two is a background.

I want the logo to come together over the background pict.

What I have done:

Setup comp shot with media and effects. My layers look like:

1. Letterbox on grade layer

2. Atomic particle effect on grade layer

3. Media layer containing logo. The image was masked to only show the logo.

4. Media layer with background.

I have the effect working like I want on the logo. What I don't know how to do is keep the background layer static. Right now, atomic particle effects both the logo and background layers. So how do I keep that background layer "separate" from what is happening to the logo?

I hope that makes sense. Using HF Pro. 



  • If you just want Atomic to affect the logo put Atomic directly on the logo layer instead of a grade.

    To clarify grades a bit--a grade is a "render" of everything below it. This means effects on a grade layer affect every layer below (this is by design). It also means grades can hold matte or map data, but that's a different discussion. Basically a grade layer is useful for, well, adding overall color grading to a layered shot.

    But effects can be added to individual layers as well, and, for this, that's what you want to do. 

  • Thank you.

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