Certain videos import only (scratchy) audio

My problem is that whenever I try to import videos I've recorded on OBS, it only imports the audio. Even the audio is messed up.


OS: Win 10 64 bit

CPU: I5 6600k

GPU: Red Devil RX 480

Memory: 16gigs

DirectX 12

There are no error messages that I can find. I am a noob though.




    To solve this you must use a video encoder besides H265, which Hitfilm does not support. H264, x264 are both fine

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    if your recording isn't importing you can easily change the format to one that Hitfilm can read directly from the OBS file tab. simply choose remux and select the file you want to convert, then you can simply change the file type to one that is supported such as mp4 .mov h.264 whatever. the conversion is almost instantaneous too which is nice. 

    i would also check your recording settings as well as sometimes OBS can corrupt the file as its recording if your settings are off

  • I tried doing that, it actually destroyed my recording. However it worked for an H.264 file, so OBS's h265 capability might be a little unstable, at least for remuxing. Either way, before I remux again I'm going to copy the file.

    From what I can see it also doesn't change the video encoder, which isn't the file type, thus it shouldn't work. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • I use OBS.

    After I have captured my screen video, I run it through Handbrake and then bring it into HitFilm where I merge the scratch audio to my Zoom H1 audio.

  • @HitfilmSensei "After I have captured my screen video, I run it through Handbrake and then bring it into HitFilm"

    Why run through Handbrake? You can get easy(er) to edit AVC video, constant frame rate, directly from OBS with suitable settings. x264 or NVENC.

  • @NormanPCN I've never tried it. Maybe I should take a look!

  • @HitfilmSensei The end of this thread has some details on OBS settings. x264 offering the best options for lowest edit overhead settings.


  • @NormanPCN Sweet! Thank you very much for the information. I will take a look right away!

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