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Hey I was just wondering if anyone knew what determines the value range of modifiers in Hitfilm effects, and why the defaults are so random sometimes? Like for example, the Movement Speed of a particle system's max value by default is 2,147,483,648 in particular. Is there a way to remap the slider range? (Not that I'd ever need particles moving faster than 2 billion....lol) Just wondering. I can't think of a time I've needed a higher value for any slider range, but just in case...


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    I think there were a few of us a while ago talking about this. Might have been the movement slider in specific. There are certainly some sliders in Hitfilm that could use a different range. Massive ranges like that make the slider crazy sensitive to pixel movement. Hitfilm does have mechanisms to allow a control to have a range greater than the slider. Thus allowing the slider to have a more everyday useful range. e.g. The control property could still have a max range of 2 billion (binary) but the slider have a smaller more commonly used range.

    Maybe the community should make up a list of controls that could use such a change to make our lives easier. Changes like this should be doable in a minute but a convincing argument needs to be made.

  • Value ranges, for the most part, seem to be a straight number of binary bits in a word.

    So: 0-255 sliders are 8-bits, 0-1024 sliders are 10-bits and 0-2.1 billion are 32-bits.

    Then it just depends on how many bits the dev assigned to the slider value. 

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