Hi everyone, I'm back

Life took a weird turn for me, but i'm back here, and happy to be so!

I just got Hitfilm Pro, and i was wondering (from a user perspective), what's new?


  • Yeah I read this, I'm didn't get the last update, so I don't know what's new in this one specifically

  • Wb, Phil. 

    There's a whole lot of new in v6, but the most significant are keyframing in the Editor Timeline and a new text effect for the Editor. You'll already understand how that changes workflow.

    Puppet warp is long requested, if you're still doing title design you'll appreciate the true-3D Extrusion and Bevel plug ins for text. And the Behaviors are exciting. 

    As always, there's literally hundreds of changes, made more difficult to compile if you're jumping from Hitfilm 4 Pro since there's all the features you missed in 2017, like Depth Map options, etc. 

    Check the launch page Jsbarret linked. They do a good job of summing up what's new. Otherwise I'll recommend this. 




    @jsbarrett Phil is a distinguished user from the initial release. In fact his three Hitfilm tutorials for older versions are playlisted on the Hit-U channel and his tutorial on compositing 3D spaceships into a city background has a great trick using Light Rays to make volumetric shadows you'd like. He's also a nice guy so I cut him some slack on this thread. It's like if you showed up here after an 18-month absence and said "What did I miss?"

  • Yes. WB @PhilWesson - Never conversed but definitely enjoyed your 2014 tutorial 3D Spaceship composite tut. First follow along I ever did with Hitfilm.

  • Thanks Gray, and thanks Triem and everyone else! Time for some studying! 

    Is the puppet tool like AE's puppet tool?

  • Same outcome, different interface. With your Ae experience you'll figure it out. 

  • Hi Phil good to see you back

  • PhilWesson  I missed your tutorials, I really hope you start doing them again, you are amazing at what you do! 

  • Welcome back. New here myself and I'm getting some good tips around here.

  • Welcome back, given the enhancements in the software I think you picked a good time to jump back in.

  • PhilWesson dude, glad you're back! :)

  •  Thanks everyone! I'm getting all the feels reading these comments. 

    I have some great Ideas that I want to try with HFPro's new features, so watch this space! 

    Tutorials as soon as I make them!

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